A “Long-Range  Detoxification” Program

     Drug residues can stop any mental help. They also stop a person’s life! While originally addressed primarily to the handling of the accumulation of drugs in the system, it appears from the research results recorded and noted above that with use of this regimen many other toxic substances accumulated by the body can be flushed out of the system.

     These substances must be eliminated if one is to get stable mental and spiritual improvement. The operating rule is that mental actions and even biophysical actions—methods of bringing an individual into better communication with his environment—do not work in the presence of life-hostile elements.

     In rehabilitating an individual, only when we have accomplished a biochemical handling can we then go on to the next step, the biophysical handling (improving the person’s ability to handle his body and environment) and then on to mental and spiritual improvement.

     When one tries to move these around and put them out of sequence, one gets losses.

     The development of a program to handle drugs and drug and chemical deposits in the body was based on the fact that successful rehabilitation of an individual can only be accomplished in the sequence outlined above.

     Apparent gain occurs by cleaning up the body and can be seen as an end-all in itself, though that was not the original motivation.

     In view of what it evidently accomplishes, the Purification program might be termed a long-range detoxification program. But it should be identified as itself, since it is unique among detoxification programs, both in its procedure and reported results. To my knowledge, there is no other known method by which these locked-in accumulations may be gotten out of the body.[End Text]

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