Toxins in Abundance [Picture]
     There has been an enormous volume of material written on the subject of toxic substances, their reported effects and the prospects for their handling. Examples abound in publications and news reports.

     Unfortunately, the current environment is becoming permeated with these life-hostile elements. Drugs, radioactive wastes, pollutants and chemical agents of various types are all a part of the scene and, apparently, more and more prevalent as time goes on.

     According to studies, even some of the things that are put in a can of peas or a can of soup are to be considered toxic. They are preservatives and the action of a preservative is to impede decay. Yet digestion and cellular action are based on decay. In other words, those things might be great for the manufacturer as they preserve his product, but they could be very bad for the consumer. It is not that I am on a food faddism kick or a kick against preservatives; the point is that man is surrounded by toxins. This one example alone (preservatives in foods) is an example of the degree to which one can be confronted with toxic substances in the course of daily living.

     And with the enemies of various countries using widespread drug addiction as a defeatist mechanism, with nations vying with each other in the manufacture and testing of nuclear weapons (and so increasing the amount of radioactive material free in the environment), with painkillers and sedatives so easily available and with the increased use of industrial and agricultural chemicals, to say nothing of the substances developed for chemical warfare, we face a growing problem.

     Putting it quite bluntly, this society, at this time, is riddled with toxic substances.

     To briefly point out certain data regarding those substances which pose a threat to individuals and to society at large will bring the biochemical situation more clearly into focus.

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