New York Notes 1946

   Although work on the Purification program properly commenced in 1977, L. Ron Hubbard’s theories on the purging of drug residues are actually found in much earlier papers. For example, reprinted here are notes pertaining to research from New York City, 1946. A crucial period in the development of Dianetics, Ron would soon spend an intense season testing Dianetics procedures on then rare “hopheads,” “vipers” and “junkies,” in and around Los Angeles. While Dianetics in and of itself proved entirely efficacious in the relief of drug-related trauma and underlying compulsions, it is significant that we find him, even then, asking: “Is there a poison accumulating in the body which must be purged...?”

Everything administered to the body in the form of drugs which seems to benefit the body, takes something out of the body as well––burns something up.

Is cocaine a catalyst? If so, then what must accompany cocaine to keep it catalyzing?

Or does it leave a poison in the body which upsets the normal balance? If so, what can be given to remove the poison?

Alcohol, it is now known, burns up the thiamine chloride in the system. When the thiamine chloride is replaced, much of the harm is undone.

Is thiamine chloride a universal catalystic complement?

If it is not, then is there such a catalystic complement?

If the catalyst leaves a poison, does such a thing as thiamine chloride reduce or purge the poison? If not thiamine chloride, then what else?

All drugs require increasing doses. All possibly produce debility in some way. Is there something being burned out of the body? Is there a poison accumulating in the body which must be purged more and more?

L. Ron Hubbard

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