[Picture] CLEAR BODY, CLEAR MIND (Part 1/3)
“The society has become, by all evidence to hand, a biochemical problem.” LRH

iven the tendency of LSD to reactivate long after ingestion, declared L. Ron Hubbard in late 1979, and given, too, the utterly minute dosages necessary for such reactivation, “I finally deduced that it must stay in the system.” The statement is far more momentous than one might immediately imagine, particularly with the correlative discovery that all toxic substances—preservatives, pesticides and the full array of both street and medicinal drugs—may likewise lodge in fatty tissues.

     Such was the investigatory trail eventually culminating in the development of the Purification program. In simplest terms, the program may be described as long-range detoxification, and if originally designed to eliminate biochemical barriers to Scientology services, the medical and scientific community were quick to take note. After all, here was the first positive means of flushing not only drug residues but environmental toxins—and results were both clinically measurable and highly dramatic. As an overriding word, Ron tells us that while residues may seriously disturb fluid balances and more, the primary focus of the Purification program lies with the actual residues themselves and interconnected mental phenomena.

     How exactly drug and toxin deposits interplay with the human thinking process, and how the Purification program eliminates those deposits is the subject of what has been reprinted in the article to follow from L. Ron Hubbard’s, Clear Body, Clear Mind. As the definitive work on his Purification program, the text speaks for itself. By way of incidental background, however, the following may be of interest:

     “Over the years, private research firms working in cooperation with government scientists in studying the Hubbard method of detoxification have concluded that the pioneering efforts of its developer, author and researcher L. Ron Hubbard, were in fact valid. While the technique has been widely acclaimed as a result of its use by Narconon, an international drug rehabilitation program, only in recent years have environmental scientists documented its effectiveness as a means of coming to grips with the myriad of chemical exposure-related problems now facing modern society.”

      Robert B. Amido,

      Journal of California Law Enforcement


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