[Picture]      Among the more significant avenues of research through late 1950, was Ron’s examination of past life phenomena. The subject is, of course, extremely consequential to the continued refinement of Dianetics and all else to follow with the founding of Scientology. As regards this telling little note from December, however, the relevant facts are these: Notwithstanding the dozens of Dianeticists encountering evidence of former lives, those at the helm of the New Jersey Foundation, very much including John W. Campbell Jr., attempted to stifle all discussion of the matter as scientifically unacceptable. (Freud and Jung dismissed it for precisely the same reason.) Nevertheless, declaring one cannot arbitrarily determine what is or is not within the human mind, LRH research continued as suggested here. The only qualification: participants in the past-life project were required to furnish their own transportation to and from the Foundation.