From The Readers Of Astounding

     With the appearance of “Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science” in the May 1950 edition of Astounding Science Fiction, the name L. Ron Hubbard was quite suddenly heard throughout the whole of the American scientific community. After all, that pioneering vehicle from the golden age of speculative fiction had long been the main literary staple of those who most shaped our technological future. Indeed, counted among the Astounding readers were none other than those at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, what would soon become the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and even Albert Einstein. What Dianetics, of course, represented to those within scientific circles were possibilities of exploration every bit as intriguing as either the whole of outer space or the sub-atomic realm – and, ultimately, far more rewarding.

     In recognition of those possibilities, were some four thousand letters pouring into the Astounding offices. In response, came editor John W. Campbell’s explanatory note on the “bit of a problem” those four thousand letters posed, and the typically enthralled sample reprinted here. Also included is Ron’s open reply, pushing those possibilities yet another step farther.