From the greater body of materials assembled for the eventual L. Ron Hubbard biography and that augmentative biographical project, the Ron Series, comes an extensive collection of LRH correspondence and journals. All told, this collection constitutes a remarkable find, providing much detail and color to a most remarkable life. Given these papers span the whole of that life – from the earliest steps of Ron’s journey to his ultimate triumph – this issue marks yet another in a new series of supplemental Ron publications, Ron: Letters and Journals. As the term “supplemental” implies, Letters and Journals are intended to be read in conjunction with the Ron Series. For in providing extracts of materials from which the Ron Series is derived, readers receive both a feel of the time and a sense of Ron’s voice through the various phases of his life discussed in that Series.

     True, what is presented here represents but a fraction of the material from which the Ron Series is distilled. Indeed, beneath the Ron Series proper and the LRH biography stand more than a hundred thousand pages of LRH letters, journals and diaries. Yet given the insight even a small selection of these materials offer, Letters and Journals become invaluable. For example, no student of Dianetics and Scientology has not heard of the enthusiasm following the publication of Book One – well that is the stuff of the letters presented here.

     With an eye to providing that same sense of detail and substance, future issues of Letters and Journals will present selected LRH correspondence with some of America’s most distinguished literary figures, critical notes on his road to research and letters from the formative years of Scientology.