History of the Book:

With the discovery of the spiritual nature of man, L. Ron Hubbard determined that the accurate measurement of both thought and the state of case of a preclear was essential to the auditor. The many powerful and swift processes he began to research and develop demanded that the auditor have something more precise than the physical indicators of the preclear to direct him.

The need for this auditing aid led to the first Hubbard Electrometer, designed to Mr. Hubbard’s exact specifications in the early 1950s. Over the years that followed, the E-Meter was perfected and refined under his personal direction.

In order to teach auditors exactly how the E-Meter works, the book Understanding the E-Meter was prepared and published in March, 1982.

In 1988, with the release of the Hubbard Professional Mark Super VII® E-Meter, this new edition of Understanding the E-Meter was released. It includes a photographic history of the E-Meter, from the very first models to today’s computer-accurate Mark Super VII.

Subjects Covered:

Once you understand the above, you are ready to find out exactly how an E-Meter works. You will know with certainty how a thetan becomes the effect of his time track and charge and you will understand what causes the E-Meter to read, and what is really going on with the preclear.

"One lives better with Scientology since life, understood and controlled, becomes livable."

"A civilization could fare better with Scientology since that would not be pockmarked with unknowns and rendered null with chaos."

"The only richness there is is understanding. That is all that Scientology has to give."

L. Ron Hubbard
from the book Understanding the E-Meter

208 pages
Over 100 photos and illustrations
Detailed subject index
Available in English, German and Italian

Hardcover: $50.00

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